4, 5 and 6 May 2018

Obbe Winkels (chairman)

Obbe is a highly respected figure within the RC Delft Rugby Club. With many excellent ideas, terrible planning skills but a great love for rugby he is a motivational figure within our club. He played at all different levels and is now based in the Evergreens (35+). With the knowledge of the game and his great sense of humor we are delighted to have him as a chairman.


Ed Kraaijenbrink (manager)

Ed has been a driving force within our club in many respects. As youth development officer he has made our club into one of the biggest in the Netherlands. He has always helped out where ever he can and is mainly focused on anything that needs to be done. His great collection of MacGyver skills makes him one of the great festival builders within our club. If no one else can help you, you can always call Ed.

Daan Dekker (vice chairman / music man)

Our youngest guy in the crew, is a Johnny Cash copy, has a great voice and rugby skills. His main job is organising the best bands and music at the festival. He will be playing the different styles and the volume button. Any ideas about music? Please contact Daan.

Maarten Boot & Vincent Steinmeier (kitchen crew)

These guys are running the kitchen and keep a high level fun serving food. During the day as well as early in the morning, they will be throwing around pots and pans. The Saturday BBQ is the best in Europe. Please respect them and shake hands. After the kitchen is closed (does it ever) you might see them on the dance floor!

Michiel Pieterse (liaison teams)

Michiel is a special founding father who has organised many teams to come over. Him moving to the North means he will give his input in a different way. Some call him Teddy Bear, others fear his scrummaging. Have a talk with this bloke and he will tell you all there is to know about RC Delft and rugby in the Netherlands.

Piet van Drongelen (ass. manager)

Piet has been a driving force as extra hands man. His music skills on the saxophone are brilliant and he is a joy to have around. He plays with the old masters (Evergreens) in the centers and is well know for his almost-tackling.



Jan Teun van der Veen (treasurer)

Jan Teun is not only the big boss off the money but also the guy that organises all the stock. Driving up and down to suppliers and stores he looks pretty busy all the time. he's always keen on enjoying the moments the festival brings us.